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Fracture is a game made for the one game a month game jam. 

The theme was: Time is Key.

In Fracture, you use a special stopwatch that allows you to travel back in time. You must use this mechanic to progress through the game. What you do in the past affects the future.  

The project was made using Unreal Engine 5. 

Known Bugs: 

When you start the game you might spawn outside the map. Just relaunch the game till you spawn inside the map.

Alternate crouch is bound to the same key as time switch. 


Movement: WASD

Time Switch: C

Pickup Items/Objects: E

Use (Doors): F

Crouch: left ctrl


Blueprint Programmer & Sound Designer: Kyan Rowse

3D Artist & Level Designer: Anton Barker

Install instructions

Unzip the zip folder and run the game.


Fracture(PC).zip 907 MB


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🧨🧨🧨The video contains spoilers🧨🧨🧨


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Thanks! Glad you liked it. For others please note the video contains spoilers on solving puzzles.